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Laser tracker with reports and 3D scanner are available for precise and accurate metrology

Portable line boring equipment to bore from 1 1/2" to 60"

Flange facing machines out to 200"

Portable lathes 1 1/2" to 24"

Portable milling machines 36"x8" up to 192"x116"

In-line turning machine

Portable keyway mills

Mobile machine shop

Large industrial service truck with 25-ton radio remote crane

Service trucks with cranes, air, power, welders, tools

In-house machine shop

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2015-02-20 14.08.32
FF8200 milling head

New Equipment Arrived!

Climax CM6200

Climax LM6200

Climax FF6300

Faro Laser Tracker

Climax FF8200

Climax BB7100

Most portable machines are available for rentals

Equipment Gallery

Climax CM6200 with 25HP HPU, Single point and milling head, 73" to 200"

Climax LM6200 with 25HP HPU, 8' + 10' to 16' bed, 48", 82" and 116" rams, Z slide and 2 feed motors

Climax LM5200 with HPU, 6' bed, 44" and 26" rams

Climax PM2000 20:x8"

Climax PM6000 with diesel 25HP HPU, 13'4" bed, 60" ram. 8" riser, 2 feed motors, 144"x48"

Climax KM300 Key-mill

Climax FF5000 with both rams, 5" to 20" diameter

Climax FF5300 with both rams, 5" to 40"

Climax FF6300 with extended 44" ram, 8" to 72" diameter

Climax FF8200 single point and milling, 45" to 120"

Climax PL2000 1-1/2" to 9" diameter

Climax PL4000 8" to 24" diameter

York 1000 In Line Turning, 4" to 10"

York 1600 In Line Turning, 8" to 16"

Climax BB7100 with 20', 12', and 10' bars, 12" to 60" diameter, 4 4-arm bearings, ID bearing, facing head, 3 motors

(2) Climax BB5000 with all accesories, bars to 16'. blind bore tooling with#4 MT

(2) Climax BB4000

(3) Climax BB3000

Climax BW1000

Climax BW2600

Climax BW3000, 6" to 12" diameter

Climax BW5000, 12" to 120" diameter