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Utilizing Metrology For On-Site Precision Machining

If you need on-site machining for industrial applications, plant services or heavy equipment repair, we have you covered. We can address any of your on-site machining problems to keep downtime to a minimum and avoid business continuity risks. 

 Portable Linear and Gantry Mill

Our Key Capabilities

Since 1979, our company has been proudly serving industrial clients and government agencies in our large service area, including the Greater Pittsburgh Region, surrounding states, and most of the eastern seaboard. Imagine the time and cost savings of having us travel to your location and perform what needs done right on site. You can turn to us for the following:

FARO Laser Tracker for measurement and alignment

Faro QuantumMax 4 meter Arm for probing and scanning with laser line probe.

Track Arm to localize the Faro Arm anywhere within the tracker's measurement volume, to measure outside the line of sight and stay in the tracker's coordinate system.

On-sight Machining

Portable Line Boring

On Site Milling

Flange Facing

Keyway Machining

In-Line Turning

Circular Milling

Introducing Climax LM6200 & LM5200

Linear Milling also available in the gantry mode. This configuration allows the mills to fit many applications and areas. Many different sized rams are available for each machine.

Metrology How it can work for you!

Laser alignment, measuring flatness of surfaces, straightness of journals, bore accuracy, and many more applications.

Accurate on-site large volume measurement and alignment with the Faro Vantage Laser Tracker along with the Faro QuatumMax Arm, for scanning and probing stand-alone or for measuring outside the line of sight of the Tracker but stay within the Tracker's coordinate system.

FARO® Laser Tracker

We employ the latest technology in large volume measurement and alignment by using an accurate coordinate-measuring machine called FARO® Laser Tracker. This shows the ''as found" and "as left" measurements of a flange inside of a titanium plant. When it's critical for exact measurements, you can rely on our work. 

FARO® Laser Tracker

Critical measurements for an exact fit. This is a mounting plate inside of a cement plant in Baltimore, MD. Using the FARO Laser Tracker and the Climax LM6200, the mounting plate was measured and machined to tolerance of +.003 to -.003. 

FARO® Laser Tracker with Tracker Arm

Bower RTG RG275 Foundation Drill. Measuring the features, align to datums, along with GD&T controls checking for parallelism, cylindricity, and perpendicularity. This drill was damaged on a job site and needed to be checked for repair. Reports of the as-found condition starting with the main house of the drill rig out through the boom control links and triangular transition. Also reported on the straightness of the connecting cylinders and main boom.

FARO® Laser Tracker

Shown here is a pump housing and cam shaft used in the gas well drilling industry. The bores in the housing were suspected of being out of align, however using the laser tracker and probe arm we found that it was the cam shaft the was out of alignment. Modern technology to find the problem, superior machining techniques to fix the problem.

FARO® Laser Tracker and 4 Meter Arm

Lake Lynn Hydro Generation Plant. The #3 turbine to generator shaft and bearings were measured to figure out a fix. Here are some pictures and reports showing the problems. The fix is on the way. 

FARO® Laser Tracker

Horizonal milling machine at Crile Industrial. Measurement and alignment work. 1st Report, preliminary measurement taking a dynamic XZ plane reading. 2nd Report shows the as-found condition of the bed ways. 3rd Report shows the flatness of the bed ways and the perpendicularity to earth ground level along with the dynamic reading of the X travel in the as-left condition.

FARO® Laser Tracker and 4 Meter Arm

Veneer manufacturing in Fairfield Ohio. The bearing housings were worn and out of alignment on the veneer cutter. Using the FARO laser tracker and FARO track arm to check the alignment between the head stock and tail stock. The boring equipment was set in place, successfully aligned, and machined to SKF bearing specification.

Featured Work

St Cobain faro

Measuring the alignment of the rear journal of a ball mill

St Cobain other side full

Measuring the alignment from both front and rear sides of the ball mill

St Cobain 5

Machining the rear journal to align with the front journal

St Cobain finished journal

The finished journal on the rear side

St Cobain

FARO report showing the alignment of the journals

When alignments are Critical


SkyTrak Telehandler alignment work using the FARO arm


Drawing of Specifications


Report showing the as-left dimentions


Weld build up of the cylinder mount bore

Sunbelt boring

Machining bore to size

Featured Work

Carver Report

Measurement file on a Linkbelt 348 Crawler Crane car-body flange, Carver Company shipyard in Coeymans, NY

FF8200 shipyard with faro

Climax FF8200 set up and aligned using the FARO Laser Tracker

FF8200 shipyard with faro1

Milling of the car-body flange to manufacturer specs

Latest Featured Work

Altec 1

Altec factory in VA, 65 ton mobile crane outrigger pivot surface.

Altec 2

Machining of the outer surface using a FF6300 single point flange facer modified with a milling option.


Alignment and measurement for the machining was done with the Faro Laser Tracker and 4 meter Faro arm.

More Featured Work

Arch top view

Custom fixture designed to hold the portable milling machine

Arch side view

Cutting a 12" keyway in a 13" journal at Arch Resources, WV

Arch finished keyway

Finished keyway

Featured Work

Volvo lathe

Binns & Berry Lathe - Aligning and over sizing of the head stock bore

Volvo Report 1

FARO report of the alignment of the head stock to the spindle

Volvo lathe 2

Machining to oversize the worn bore to fit the new bearing size

More Featured Work

fan journal best

Worn fan journal inside of a power plant, weld build up and machined to size.

fan journal top

Top view of the In Line Turning machine working on the fan journal.

fan journal far

Special mounting and adaptors are made for each job so the work progresses smoothly and accurately.

What We Do

NY air handler shaft

Shaft on an air handler inside a plant manufacturing electrical connectors for the aerospace industry.

NY air handler shaft 2

The process of weld build up on the shaft, and using the Climax PL2000 to machine the shaft.

NY air handler shaft 3

Near the finish of machining the shaft to size.

More of What We Do

Buffalo PL4000

Portable Lathe refurbishing a journal at a shredding plant

large mill

Portable Milling inside a metal processing facility

ff 5000 on a vacuum furnace for penn united

FF5000 machining a flange on the bottom of a vacumn furnace at Penn United

ILT Hebeler

In Line Turning


Automatic Bore Welding


Rebuilding the ear and line boring a loader frame

Climax FF6300

Climax FF6300 Machining underneath a Komatsu PC300

Frontier bearing

Climax FF6300 Machining the car body frame

Frontier Kamotsu PC300 cropped

FARO Laser Tracker checking flatness of the car body bearing

canadian crane rebuild faro

Faro Tracker checking the flatness of the slewing bearing in relation to the rotation drive on a PLM Crane

VT candy

Weld build up of the OD on a shaft inside a candy factory in VT


PL2000 machining a shaft inside a candy factory in Vermont

journal at carpet factory

Repair a journal and keyway inside a carpet factory


Rotational Gear Box Mount, swing drive flanges machined on a CAT345 Excavator

dipper best

Loader Frame Mount Bored and Faced on the job site

in plant shaft repair

Repair of multiple journals in a pipe manufacturing plant

stern tube

Machining of the stern shaft tubes on a tug boat

metalico housing

Refinishing a bearing housing for a shredder plant

gino rock truck

Saving time by welding and machining all at once

16' boring bar 3

Double line boring with a 16 foot bar


Precision machining of an amusement park ride

facing soft glo

Flange facing inside the factory

Becker crane 3-16-16

Bore repair of an overhead crane bridge in a steel facility

5130 cat bearing

Refacing the rotational gear under the car body

bore welding on mud drill

Weld build up and bore out a mud drill for the drilling industry

Asbury journal before

Before picture of a worn journal

Asbury journal finifshed

After weld build up and using the In Line Turning Machine

PL2000 Hershey

Climax PL2000 portable lathe machining the journal inside a auto parts factory

Inca 4

Climax PM6000 portable milling the faces of a press to be level and square with the bottom platens

PL4000 buffalo

Climax PL4000 portable lathe used for machining larger diameter journals

Introducing the Climax CM6200

This machine is used for machining large flanges 73.5–199 inches (1866.9–5054.6 mm) in diameter. With a center machine clearance designed to fit over 24 inches (609.6 mm) diameter kingpins, this circular mill can be configured for the following operations:

Powerful Milling

Single-Point Machining


New Equipment for Gantry and Linear Milling

This is the Climax LM6200 that can be used in both the linear and gantry configurations. Modular bed sections allow the length to be expanded from 48 to 192 inches, It has a linear setup for cutting keyways right in the plant.

Also available is the Climax LM5200 for smaller and tighter areas. It can also be set up in linear and gantry configurations. Modular bed sections allow the length to be expanded from 48 to 96 inches.

Both of these machine are available for rent.


Newest Acquistion York In Line Turning Lathe 1600

This in line turning lathe is the perfect tool for onsite resurfacing of large shafts, stub shafts and bearing journals/seats, requiring little disassembly or costly relocation of equipment. The ILT1000 has the range of 4" to 10" diameter and the ILT1600 range is 8" to 16" diameter.

More New Equipment

Climax BB7100 boring bar has a huge machining range from 5 1/4" to 60.” This line-boring machine features the capability of making two cuts in one pass! You can add on the flange-facing head that will travel 18" to 62 ½". Available bar lengths of 20', 12', and 10'

Climax FF8200 Features a tool head that can be rotated a full 360°, infinitely variable feed rates, and remotely adjustable air-powered feedbox so radial and axial feeds can be done quickly and safely. Facing AND milling diameters range from 45 to 120 inches (1143 to 3048 mm).45 – 120 inches (1143 – 3048 mm)

Newest Acquisition - The SPR 1600 In Line Turning machine with diameter from 8 inches to 16 inches. Perfect for onsite resurfacing of large shafts, stub shafts and bearing journals/seats, requiring little disassembly or costly relocation of equipment.

Just Arrived - the Climax BW5000 Auto Bore welder that saves hours of hand welding on large bores. Ranges from 12 inches to 120 inches.

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